Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

Get your kids excited for Valentine’s Day by creating fun family crafts. From cards, decorations and tasty treats, there is no better day to show that someone special how much you care for them. Here are some fun Valentine’s Day Crafts that you and your kids will have a blast with:

Homemade Cards
In our opinion, handmade cards are more personal and special than anything you can buy in a store. Give your children the supplies to glue on hand-cut hearts, write a meaningful message and draw a picture, and it will be the best card your child can give. Find some great DIY options for kids to make their teachers, classmates, siblings or parents here.

Make Cookies
You can’t go wrong with a creating a delicious batch of homemade cookies. Decorate with frosting and sprinkles to bring out the special day. Make enough for your child to bring along to school and for you bring to work. Don’t forget to save some for yourself! Find a great cookie recipe example here. You could even bake delicious Chip Shoppe cookies and put them in specially crafted red, pink and white boxes to represent Valentine’s Day! No matter how you craft them, you can’t go wrong with a batch of cookies.

Create a Valentine’s Box
With all of the Valentine’s cards your kids will be receiving at school, have them make a creative box to keep it in. Start with a small box (shoe boxes or empty cereal boxes work great) wrap them in blank paper and decorate. See some great ideas in this blog to use this year.

Candy Heart Experiment
Perhaps the most popular candy given out on Valentine’s Day is the candy heart. If your child ends up with an abundance of these (or simply doesn’t like them) create your own candy heart experiment. Using different liquids, drop a heart in different bottles, and monitor the reactions. Have your kids guess what they think will happen when they drop them in the bottle and watch the reactions. For more tips on how to make your experiment go smoothly read these instructions.

Suncatcher Craft
Put your old Christmas present wrapping supplies to good use with this easy to make Valentine’s Day suncatcher craft for kids. You can use it as a fun way to spice up your home for Valentine’s Day.

Remember that Valentine’s Day is a day of love to celebrate your friends and family. Sometimes a homemade card, craft or cookies can say it all. Don't forget to make each gift come from the heart. If you have any other great Valentine’s Day craft ideas, we would love to hear them in the comments below.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Healthy Snacks for On-The-Go

As a parent, you are always on the go. Instead of reaching for the poptarts and potato chips while in a rush, here are some healthy snack alternatives that your kids are sure to love.

Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Bites
This simple to make snack will be a win for both you and your kids. Just slice up a banana, put peanut butter between two pieces, dip them in chocolate and then freeze for 20 minutes. It is the healthy dessert that you can’t go wrong with.


Hummus and Veggies
Sometimes veggies aren’t a kids favorite snack but if you add  hummus or a little ranch dressing, you will be able to get them eating their veggies in no time.

Ants on a Log
This tasty treat is not only good for you but is fun to eat. Just add peanut butter and raisins to a slice of celery and you have a healthy treat for both you and the kids to enjoy.

Pop-Up To-Go Cup
The Chip Shoppe’s pop-up to-go cup is just what you need for breakfast on the go! Just add milk and you have a fast and easy way to start your day with a healthy breakfast.

Fruit Kabob
An apple a day can be a healthy alternative to many children’s snacks, but getting your kids to enjoy eating fruit may be a battle. Pre-make fruit kabobs for a fast, easy and healthy snack to get your nutrients while you are in a rush.

Meat and Cheese Pinwheels
These delicious snacks are just what you need to hold you over until dinner. You can add meat, cheese, veggies and any other sandwich item that your kids enjoy.

Although these are just a few healthy options, at The Chip Shoppe we believe that every family should have a balanced diet and choose the healthiest options that the whole family will enjoy. For more snack ideas refer to our “Simple Snacks That Kids Can Make” blog.

Does your kid have a favorite snack that is healthy for them? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Why You Should Have a Fundraiser for your Club or Organization

For a club or organization to be successful, they need to cover their costs. For some organizations, a membership fee will be enough, but for others this might not be the case. One of the best ways to add some money into your budget is to have a fundraising event. Many different types of fundraising programs have been around for decades, and they are still a pivotal strategy in maintaining many different groups and organizations. Here are some reasons why you should have a fundraising event for your club or organization:

You can host an event yourself
For most organizations hosting events is one of the best ways to increase and retain membership. There are many fundraising ideas that will provide you with the funds you need to succeed. Some of the more successful ideas are to hold a product sale or a Color-A-Thon event. The better the incentive the purchase is, the better your fundraiser will go.

Buy equipment
For many organizations such as bands and sports teams, a good portion of their budget will go into buying equipment for their members. In order to get the best equipment at the lowest out-of-pocket price, fundraising is a sure way to get the money for just what you need.

While holding a fundraiser is a great way to earn some extra funds, it is also an opportunity for others to see and learn about your organization. For some groups that have no funds to market themselves to the community, a fundraiser is a perfect excuse to do just that.

Save for a rainy day
One thing that is sometimes overlooked in organizations is extra savings for those “just in case” situations. Although most fundraising has a specific goal or purpose, it can also be a great idea to put some extra money aside for a time in the future. You may decide to use it for one of the above options or any other situation that may arise.

No matter the reason you would like to earn money for your school or organization, you can never go wrong with a little extra funds for whatever you may need. If you are thinking about doing a fundraiser with your school or organization, we encourage you to keep The Chip Shoppe in mind. We have helped schools raise millions of dollars fundraising since 2004. Our company features a combination of fabulous tasting frozen items such as cookie dough, cheesecakes, braided breads and soups. What makes The Chip Shoppe unique is our ability to combine these quality frozen items with gift items that are second to none. Best of all, we deliver to you with our company trucks when you want it!

If you would like more information, refer to our blogs “How to Choose a Fundraising Company Perfect for YOU” and “5 Essential Ideas to Make your Fundraiser More Successful.” Feel free to comment below with any other ideas you may have.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Perfect Holiday Meal

There’s no place cozier during the holidays than being in the kitchen cooking and baking with your loved ones. Busy schedules, tackling budget concerns, and stressing over unexpected surprises during the holiday season can make it hard to get together and enjoy a home cooked meal. It can even become difficult to get together at a restaurant.

The PerfectHoliday Meal.png
Fortunately, The Chip Shoppe is here to help you out during the holidays, offering a variety of delicious and healthy frozen food options for your family. Even when the kids are home on their holiday break, or you have an extra twenty relatives to prepare food for, The Chip Shoppe offers “heat and eat!” soups with flavors including Wagon Trail Chili, Chipotle Chicken and Italian Sausage Tortellini. We also offer midwest classics like Chicken Wild Rice, Beer Cheese and our new Hunter’s Stew. Cheese dips, chili mixes, and an array of appetizing spices are sure to enhance any holiday meal, no matter if you are grabbing a quick weeknight dinner or creating a Christmas spread.

2014-10-15 09_43_58-Chicken Noodle Soup - Canva.png
Along with our soups, your family will love our decadent variety of desserts. From the Old Fashion Coffee Cake, Caramel Banana Bread and Lemon Poppy Seed Pound Cake to red velvet rolls, and a variety of cheesecakes and pies, there’s a flavor to please every palette. Of course, check out our Chip Shoppe cookie doughs with flavors including Chippy Chunk, Triple Chocolate Brownie, and our exclusive Caramel Apple Crunch.

2014-09-10 09_43_23-Frozen Foods __ The Chip Shoppe - Fundraising in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ill.png
We pride ourselves on providing a variety of delicious food with healthy and gluten-free options to cater to every family member. Check out our Fall/Holiday 2014 brochures and our services online for more deals and tips on creating the perfect holiday meal for your family and friends this season.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Kids' Holiday Craft Fun

Capture your children’s excitement this holiday season with a few fun seasonal crafts to be enjoyed for holidays to come. A simple way to preserve the magic of Christmas, these festive kids’ crafts are sure to excite your little ones and create treasured holiday memories for you. Join the Chip Shoppe in celebrating the magic of the season with these easy-to-do crafts for your family!

Scented Christmas Tree Ornaments:
Your little ones love helping you decorate for the holidays. Add a little holiday cheer through sights and smells with these festive cinnamon trees!

( Image credit:

What You’ll Need:
-3” cinnamon sticks
-¾” Canadian pine garland
-Bright colored buttons, plastic gems, beads or pom poms
-Hot glue gun and glue
-Twine cord
-Wire cutters

  1. Using wire cutters, trim pieces of varying lengths from your strand of pine garland to create the greenery for the trees. Place a dab of hot glue on the cinnamon stick and press garland clipping down firmly. Repeat twice more with slightly larger garland trimmings, and allow hot glue to cool.
  2. Fasten a 3” piece of twine to the back of the top of each tree to create a loop for hanging, using a dab of hot glue. Allow glue to cool.
  3. Let the magic happen! Assist your kids as needed in gluing tree decorations to the branches using small dabs of hot glue. The more sparkle and color, the better!

You’re ready to add the little trees to your ornament collection! A fun way to allow each of your children’s personality to shine through, these festive trees will reflect the little hands and big talent that created them.

Holiday Chalkboard Cocoa Mug:
Your guilty pleasure and your kid’s holiday favorite, personalized hot cocoa mugs complement this classic cold weather treat, reusable for any time of the year!

(Image credit:

What You’ll Need:
-Porcelain mugs
-Pebeo porcelain bakeable chalkboard paint (non-porcelain paint will not adhere to mug)
-Painters tape
-Paint brush

  1. Ensure mug is cleaned and completely dry.
  2. Using painters tape, tape off section of mug to be painted for chalkboard affect.
  3. Apply chalkboard paint with paint brush.
  4. Once paint is fully applied, carefully peel up painters tape while paint is still wet; this will prevent the tape from pulling up the paint if allowed to dry.
  5. Allow paint to dry for 24 hours, then bake in oven at 300 degrees for 35 minutes. This sets the paint, and your mug will now be dishwasher and microwave safe.
  6. Decorate mugs with chalk before filling with hot chocolate
You’re now ready to serve holiday inspired cocoa in fun, personalized mugs! May we suggest plenty of marshmallows and for a twist, add a few splashes of Torani raspberry syrup.

Olaf Sock Snowman:
Have you ever met a kid who doesn’t like frozen? Adults and children alike are still raving over the Disney’s hit. This holiday season, channel some of your frosty friends and help your kids create their very own Olaf snowman!


What You’ll Need:
-1 kids size small white sock
-Approximately 1 ⅓ cup rice for filling
-2 white pom poms for feet
-Craft googly eyes
-Orange felt
-Adhesive backed black felt
-3 clear hair elastics
-Hot glue gun and glue
-Printable Olaf features (Click download button on webpage) or free hand stencil Olaf features on black felt using white chalk

  1. Pour roughly ¾ cup rice into sock and fasten with clear hair elastic to create the bottom of Olaf.
  2. Pour about ⅛ cup rice into sock on top of hair elastic, to create the midsection of Olaf. Secure closed with elastic hair tie.
  3. Pour about ½ cup of rice into sock to create Olaf’s head, shaping the rice slightly taller and thinner than the others for the correct head dimensions. Secure with hair elastic.
  4. Secure each ‘snowball’ using hot glue to keep Olaf’s shape; apply hot glue to hair elastic where each meets the sock fabric to ensure Olaf will stay sturdy.
  5. Peel off black felt pieces for Olaf’s smile and glue to his head, and hot glue his nose and eyes on.
  6. Stick on/hot glue black felt arms and glue on white pom pom feet.
  7. Stick/glue Olafs black hair on his head, attaching at the top most hair elastic.

Now, your kids are ready to enjoy their very own Olaf the snowman! Let your little ones add their own Olaf flare with colored felt or ribbons as a scarf.

Holiday crafts are a great way to celebrate the season and spend time with your children. add to your collection each year and create memories of holiday fun. The Chip Shoppe wishes you and your family a very happy holiday season!

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Chip Shoppe 2014 Winter Warehouse Sale

It is almost here- The 2015 Chip Shoppe Annual Winter Warehouse Sale and we have a lot of awesome items for great prices!


The Chip Shoppe warehouse sale will be:

  • Jackson, Wisconsin
    • Thursday, December 4th, 2014 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
    • Friday, December 5th, 2014 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
    • Saturday, December 6th, 2014 from 8:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • St. Cloud, Minnesota
    • Thursday, December 11th, 2014 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
    • Friday, December 12th, 2014 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
    • Saturday, December 13th, 2014 from 8:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Addresses for the Warehouse Sales:


All food items are $6.00 and Gift items are 75% off! You can stock up on your favorite Chip Shoppe foods, like our Famous Chip Shoppe Cookie Dough, Gourmet Soups, delicious Cheesecakes and Pies and braided bread. You can also stock up on quality gift wrap and Gift Bags just in time for Holiday gift-giving.

Gift items such as gourmet chocolates, trendy jewelry, candles, kitchen items and other household and decorative items are also available. The warehouse will be full of great ideas to finish Holiday Shopping for friends and family, and extra gifts for neighbors, teachers, daycare providers and more!


For an added bonus, you get 1 free gift item with a purchase when you bring in this coupon! Keep watching The Chip Shoppe Facebook page for daily specials and updates on special discount items.


Feel free to comment below and let us know of any questions you may have as well as what Chip Shoppe item you are most excited to purchase from our winter warehouse sale!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Start your Morning with a Routine: Your Guide to get your Kids to School and make it to Work on Time

If you’re like the majority of us, your days are planned out even before your head’s off your pillow. Soccer practice, PTA meetings, hitting the gym - the life pie-chart tends to have some pretty small, yet crucial pieces. And, nothing can unravel a day before it even begins better than a rocky, disorganized, frantic morning.

This one seems like a no-brainer, but it’s imperative. How many times are we tempted to hit the snooze button over and over? Sleep is wonderful, but that last half hour lounging in bed next to a chirping alarm clock won’t make a huge difference. Use that time to get up, make a cup of coffee or catch the morning news before the kids are awake. You’ll be more alert and ready to tackle the day!

Take a moment the night before to help your kids set out clothes for the next day. Prepare food and pack lunches too - that way, it’s just a simple grab-and-go.  Breakfast  can work this way too; consider oatmeal or hard-boiled eggs. Organize backpacks and make sure everything is in there. These little things won’t take you long during the evening, but they can make a huge difference during a busy morning.  

It’s always easier to stay organized when you know what you need to do. Keep a calendar in a central location and keep it updated with appointments and deadlines. Create an age-appropriate chores/responsibilities checklist for the refrigerator to ensure everything you need gets done. And, review these with your kids in the morning. Having all the things you need to know, right in front of you, sets the table for a well-organized day.

We asked a mom of two young children to shed some light on successful morning routines. She says she likes to talk with her kids about what they want to accomplish that day, and help them set realistic, enjoyable goals. Nothing like starting the day with a positive, constructive spirit!

Finally, don’t sweat it if things don’t do exactly as planned. Sooner or later, your alarm clock will not go off. Your kids will change their minds about outfits set out the night before. Dogs knock over garbage cans, and folders of homework will mysteriously disappear. By having your routine locked into place, you’ll condition yourself to be calm and collected - and folks with those qualities can handle curveballs!

These are a few simple ideas we drummed up. Got any morning stress-busters or your own? Comment below!