Monday, April 1, 2013

Earn Extra, Extra Money by being a test group for The Chip Shoppe

Remember when Coca-Cola changed their soft drink formula? They changed it without the proper test marketing to make sure that it was a good idea. It was such a debacle that millions of Coke drinkers were close to switching their soft drink preference to Pepsi. It was fortunate that Coke listened to their customers and brought back their "classic" formula.

The Chip Shoppe believes in product and consumer testing. We are looking for groups right now to test our brochures and products for next fall. These testing groups will be paid extra on top of the money they will earn for helping us with this test.

If you can use the money, The Chip Shoppe can use your help! We are looking for 5 to 10 groups for these tests. It's a great opportunity for groups that are raising money for trips such as foreign language classes, bands, choirs and sports teams. A group of 30 students selling 10 items each can profit over $1,600! This will be a quick, no risk product market test and is an easy way to earn additional funds for your group.

We are only doing a few isolated tests, but if you contact us quickly The Chip Shoppe will give you an extra bonus! Your group will be given one certificate for a one-night stay at Chula Vista Waterpark in the Wisconsin Dells. This certificate is for 4 people in a junior suite and includes waterpark passes (some date restriction apply). Contact us as soon as possible! We only need 5 to 10 groups.

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