Thursday, April 11, 2013

Small School...Big Fundraising!

Rural Minnesota School raises the bar while raising funds.

 The stated goal of the New London-Spicer Schools PTO is “to involve, inform and support the school district and community through collaborations that strengthen our schools.”  They did just that when they collaborated with The Chip Shoppe to raise funds to fill educational needs for their elementary school and its students.

Shilice Doty is The Chip Shoppe's
Top Fundraising Consultant for 2012!
Prairie Wood Elementary is a K-4 school within the New London-Spicer school district that serves approximately 555 students. Shilice Doty is a fundraising expert with 10 years of experience with The Chip Shoppe. Together they worked to conduct a 2-week fundraising sale which accomplished the following results:

Gross Sales: $53,186.50
Net Proceeds to PTO: $22,500.00

While the final dollar amount is fantastic, what is amazing is the high student participation. 280 of 555 students participated in this event selling spring gifts and food items from The Chip Shoppe's Gourmet Delights Catalog.

Shilice and The Chip Shoppe worked with the school to design and implement this highly effective and profitable sale. This sale defines how a school, its PTO and The Chip Shoppe can collaborate in order to bring substantial and immediate profits to the school.  Prairie Wood Elementary will use the proceeds of this sale to fund field trips, purchase technology and general school supplies of which the students will benefit immediately.

The Chip Shoppe has helped schools raise millions of dollars since 2004. We are able to combine high quality frozen foods and gift items from a vast selection of inventory. Our fundraising consultants are the best in the industry. Their passion, dedication and enthusiasm in providing exceptional fundraising programs for schools is unparalleled.

We invite you to call The Chip Shoppe and discuss the many opportunities available to  your school. The Chip Shoppe has a diverse product mix, the experience and the expertise necessary to partner with any school in order to create great results. Just ask the kids, parents and teachers at Prairie Wood Elementary.

Contact us. Get to know us. 

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