Monday, June 17, 2013

The Chip Shoppe “The Best in the Midwest”

Here’s a short video that perfectly explains what truly makes The Chip Shoppe “The Best in the Midwest”:
In the video, the following three things are evident to viewers: the abundance of passion Rick, Lisa and all their employees instill in their work, their top-notch customer service, and lastly, their outstanding company and employee morale.

Having passion when it comes to your work is the “not-so-secret” ingredient for success. This video clearly exemplifies that Rick and Lisa have this intangible quality. It also makes viewers trust that the entire Chip Shoppe team feels the same way as their fearless leaders.

Paying attention to customer feedback plays a major role in gaining and maintaining customers on a regular basis. The Chip Shoppe makes it a priority to keep open lines of communication with the schools and organizations they serve. To the best of their ability, they implement the ideas of their clients - a true testament to how much importance is placed on customer satisfaction!

An energized and excited staff creates a positive chain reaction to everyone else involved in the fundraising process. Teamwork is critical; at The Chip Shoppe, teamwork is seen at their headquarters and sales representatives all the way to the customers themselves. The collaboration of these parts yield a powerful business with the capability of producing substantial profit.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to start working with some of the best fundraising experts in the business. Use this link to find The Chip Shoppe location nearest to you:

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