Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Chip Shoppe's 4 P's

Regardless of the service or industry, a company builds itself around its mission and values. The Chip Shoppe built their company and ultimately, their success around a strategy known as the “4 P’s.” Each “P” represents a vital part of their business.

The Chip Shoppe proudly offers outstanding products that are all 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. This is an excellent indicator of the confidence they instill in their product line. The Chip Shoppe takes pride in providing quality fundraising products. What started out as just a cookie dough company has substantially grown into a full-blown supplier of various products such as frozen foods, gift wrap, candy, jewelry and much more.

The ultimate goal of The Chip Shoppe is to make the fundraising process as easy as possible for consumers. They understand the hustle and bustle of everyday life, which is why they’ve come up with a system that makes fundraising extremely manageable. The manageability alone is a major reason the business has seen such a significant amount of returning customers year after year.

Let’s face it, everybody loves prizes. The Chip Shoppe’s prize programs give their customers a real reason to sell. They offer quality name brand prizes at absolutely no cost. The best part is that the Chip Shoppe enjoys getting creative with customizing their prize programs so that everyone has the proper incentive when it comes to selling.

With over 15 years of experience, The Chip Shoppe has earned the achievement of having the largest profit in the industry. Their success is due to a combination of the three attributes listed above along with an overall passion for the work. This is also what allows the fundraising process to flow smoothly and in the end, raise enough money to truly make a difference with a school or organization.

Working with The Chip Shoppe doesn’t make fundraising the chore it’s generally made out to be. You’re sure to breathe a deep sigh of relief when you realize it turns out to be a fun and worthwhile process for everyone involved. Let the founders of The Chip Shoppe, Rick and Lisa, tell you about the 4 P’s in more detail:

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