Friday, July 12, 2013

Fundraising Builds Character

When you make the decision for your school or organization to work with The Chip Shoppe, you’re doing much more than signing up for a fundraiser. It goes beyond the general concept of simply selling products. You’ll soon realize that the act of fundraising has many benefits associated with it. This is the reason why we do what we do at The Chip Shoppe; and at the same time, why we truly love the work we do! Here’s a breakdown of what we mean:

1.     Fundraising Stems Determination- We offer our top-notch prize program because we want to give the students a real incentive to get out there and sell. Having motivation to accomplish a task teaches kids the mentality that if they want something badly, most often it will require hard work and dedication. It’s never too early to learn this important life lesson.

2.     People are United- Fundraising really is a team effort; from everyone here at The Chip Shoppe, to your particular organization, and even all of the customers you’re selling to. We have seen firsthand over our years of service that when people come together to achieve a common goal, good things happen! Being able to work as a team and be a team player are characteristics that will absolutely be beneficial in any situation in your child’s future.

3.     Strengthens Leadership Skills- Leadership has the most influence on any type of success. It doesn’t just mean one person taking control of an entire project; everyone can be a leader in their own way. When it comes to fundraising, staying organized and motivated is vital. Each person is a leader when they exhibit these traits and positively contribute to the group’s desired end goal.

 To sum up the benefits stated above in three words, fundraising builds character. Whether you’re a regular with fundraising or considering the idea for the first time, we genuinely hope you get to experience the ideas we’re talking about for yourself! 

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