Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Importance of Getting Involved in Your Child's Extra-curricular Activities

Throughout the course of elementary and junior/senior high school, kids typically take part in a countless number of extra-curriculars. From sports, to clubs and organizations, to school related activities there’s nearly an endless amount of options to participate in as they journey through the school years. Regardless of what the extra-curricular may be, it’s important for them to at least be involved in something. These are great opportunities for kids or young adults to take on leadership roles, learn the importance of responsibility and truly grow as individuals. Teachers and other mentors for kids stress this importance quite often, but what’s usually not mentioned is that fact that it’s equally as important for parents to be involved when it comes to their child’s extra-curriculars.

Supporting your child with any endeavors they may undertake is the single most important thing you can do as a parent. It’s easy to make excuses for not being involved in your kids’ after school or even in-school activities. Either it’s the excuse that they are involved in too many, or it’s too time consuming, or you want your child to be independent and learn things on their own. While we hope they are involved in a number of extra-curriculars that consume a manageable amount of time and allow them to expand their knowledge, none of those reasons are excusable and here’s why!

Research has proven that active parent involvement leads to:

1. Better performance in school with overall higher grades and test scores.

2. Improved attendance which stems from excelling in school.

3. A more positive attitude towards school and every day activities in general.

4. Motivation to graduate and pursue further education.

If you’re patting yourself on the back right now because you’ve already seen the effects of your involvement and positive support take place, it’s time to reach out to other parents who might not be in the same boat. Another reason why we love the work we do here at The Chip Shoppe is because we’re able to see firsthand how an activity such as a fundraiser can bring everyone together. We repeatedly notice the fact that it takes something as simple as a common goal to build a sense of community and camaraderie. Ultimately, when everyone works together it makes an unbeatable combination for all kinds of success!

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