Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tips For Last Minute Back To School Shopping

Well once again, the summer has flown by and whether the kids want to admit it or not, the start of the school year is just a few short weeks away. I’m sure they can already hear the school bells ringing in their dreams (or nightmares)! But before they hop on the bus, every parent has to go through the process of back to school shopping. We understand that this shopping trip typically ends up being a costly one, which is why we’ve put together a list of some of the best tips for saving money in the back to school aisle.

1. Get the Necessities: Do yourself a favor and stick to the school supply list – that thing is long enough as it is! Buying extra items that aren’t on the list might seem fun at the time, but chances are good that these supplies will either be forgotten a month from now or not used at all.

2. Check out the Junk Drawer: You know that drawer is overflowing anyway! You’d be surprised by how many supplies you can find in there that are on the school supply checklist. If your child isn’t “gung-ho” on this idea, make them a compromise by offering to buy them the backpack they’ve been circling in the ads all summer if they use pens and pencils from home.

3. Hit the Sales: Department stores are having tons of sales right now on summer clothes and let’s face it, your child probably wants to wear short sleeves all year ‘round anyway. So hit up the sale racks and save some money on the clothes shopping aspect so you can afford to be a little more lenient when it comes to the supplies.

4. Plan a Swap Day: For kids, sometimes it’s just about the idea of getting new things. So organize a swap party with some of the moms in your neighborhood with kids of similar age groups. They can swap clothing and school supplies – and it doesn’t cost you a dime!

**One last tip: Don’t forget about the families that are much less fortunate. Save some time and help out those in need by buying some or all of your school supplies online through this program:

There isn’t a better feeling than knowing you’ve made a difference in some else’s life. You’re just a few clicks away from that gratifying feeling!

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