Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mustache Mania

As agents, you have objectives to complete to make your fundraiser successful. Each objective you
complete will get you closer to opening The Chip Shoppe Prize Vault and becoming eligible to winning additional prizes. The Prize Vault contains over $12,000 in cash and prizes including the Grand Prize Disney Cruise. Prizes will be given away every Friday through December 20th. Click here for the official rules.

One of the requirements is “you mustache have fun.” We love the pictures participants are sending to us! We figured you might want a few ideas on how to “have fun” with your mustache.

1. Put it on your pet. It’s adorable and hilarious! 

2. Put the mustache on the TV screen and see which character gets to sport your mustache.
3. Have a Super Mario Bros themed party and give all of your guests a mustache so they can join in on   the fun! You could even play, “Mustache on the Donkey.”

4. Have a trivia night with families/friends and host an "I mustache you a question" theme to it, and everyone who is participating MUST wear a mustache.

5. Halloween is just around the corner, you could be a Cowboy, a 80s detective, Captain Hook, or even a Chip Shoppe Secret Agent! 

6.  Have some fun and turn your mustache into a unibrow, goatee, or sideburns!

We hope you try some of our ideas and as always, we love to see pictures of you and your mustache having fun! View our album of Chip Shoppe Secret Agents.

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