Thursday, October 24, 2013

5 Essential Ideas To Make Your Fundraiser More Successful

Fundraising for your school can be rewarding and at the same time frustrating. At the Chip Shoppe, we are passionate about not just providing a program we believe in, but one that is successful to you. We’ve put together some key topics that will help you navigate school fundraising and run the most successful campaign you can:

Set a Goal
Decide what amount of money you plan to raise. Your goals should say exactly what you’re hoping to achieve. Setting a higher goal will help to inspire your donors and yourself!

Tell your story
There’s a reason why you are supporting a cause or working toward a goal. Communicate your goals to your friends, family, co-workers and other potential donors. It’s a critical part of your fundraising success.

Get face-to-face
They are many great opportunities to make in-person asks, like dinner parties, sports games, family reunions or dinners, or community meetings. Going door-to-door may seem old-fashioned, but it helps children develop personal and sales skills. You might think it is hard to ask for money in-person, but it is actually more difficult for people to say "No" to you when you ask face-to-face.

Follow up
It’s very common for people to put things off. We all live busy lives and have a lot of other responsibilities on our plates. A little reminder nudge never hurt anyone. Don’t hesitate to follow-up with a reminder, especially as a deadline approaches.

“Thank you”
When your fundraiser comes to a close, make sure to follow up with everyone that supported you with a THANK YOU! It’s a simple thing to do, but also one of the most powerful ways to let your supporters know what a difference they have made.

We hope these tips are helpful and inspire success in your next fundraising adventure. As always, you can chat, email, or call us with any questions or concerns. We are glad to help! Click here to contact us.

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