Thursday, October 10, 2013

Happy Halloween from The Chip Shoppe!

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s one of our favorite holidays! It’s so much fun dressing up, playing games, and decorating! The Chip Shoppe wants you to make the most out of Halloween this year, which is why we have complied a list of activities, crafts, and treats.


Halloween Scavenger Hunt: Get outside in the beautiful fall weather and enjoy a Halloween themed scavenger hunt! Also, keep it a friendly competition with some warm apple cider or hot cocoa at the end for everyone. Here is a full list of objects you could hide on the scavenger hunt. Some include a witch’s hat, decorated door, spider web, and much more.

Halloween themed parties
1. Have a Monster Bash themed party! Have guests dress up as witches, ghosts, Frankenstein, or vampires! You can even offer a “Most Lovable Monster” award!

2. You can't go wrong with Disney! Disney is all about promoting fun for children so it’s great to have prizes for the best dancer, best Disney villain, hero, and more.

3. If Harry Potter doesn’t scream Halloween season, we don’t know what does! Have the kiddos dress up as their favorite character and have the Harry Potter movie soundtracks playing spookily in the background. You could even give each guest his or her own wand.


Have a no carve pumpkin decorating! Forget the mess, kids can create masterpieces without even touching a knife. Set out buckets filled with colorful Halloween favors (googly-eyed glasses, witch's fingers, red lips, eye brows, ribbon, and more). The finished product will make great decorations and everyone will have something unique!

Make DIY favor cups with googly-eyes made from crepe paper and candy eyeballs. These adorable mummies will have all the treats any kid could want while trick or treating! It’s quick and budget friendly. All you will need is paper cups, white crepe streamer 500 feet, and candy eye decorations.

Yummy Treats

Edible eyeballs: they are just too good looking for the kids to pass up. They really only take 20 minutes to make and then an hour of chill time. For the complete recipe, click here!

Apple bites: these are hilarious and extremely easy to make! We suggest adding caramel to make it an even sweeter treat. This is a healthier option for the kids to get their Halloween treat fill! All you need are apples, slivered almonds, and caramel if you want!

Ghost and pumpkins: If you are looking for healthy and deliciously creepy Halloween treat, make banana ghost and clementine and celery pumpkins!

Have a great Halloween this year and enjoy all of the spooky activities that come along with it!

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