Monday, March 24, 2014

The Joy of Gifts and Teaching Students, The Lil' Shoppers Way

No cost to the school and students learning valuable skills about inventory, budgeting and purchase planning? Sounds great! This describes the gift giving opportunity that is The Lil' Shoppers Shoppe brought to you by The Chip Shoppe.
For over 37 years, The Lil' Shoppers Shoppe has assisted thousands of schools by offering a convenient, educational, and safe way for students to experience a program that is like no other.

The Lil' Shoppers Shoppe is available year-round for schools to participate, and was developed with the PTA and PTO to help students of all ages. It features over 100 quality gifts that change each year and over 85% of the items are $5 or less, and 50 cents is provided to students who don't have money! All necessary supplies and services are given to the school including: 
  • Colorful Parent Letters (also available in Spanish)
  • Budget Envelopes
  • Decorated Tablecloths
  • 3 Different Sizes of Gift Bags
  • Colorful "Coming Soon!" Event Posters
  • Chairperson Planning Guide
  • Guaranteed Pre-Holiday Delivery on Every Reorder Item
  • Pre-Coded Merchandise For Easy Checkout
  • Pre-Priced Tent Cards (with images of items)
  • UPS Next Day Delivery on All Re-Orders
  • Complete 24/7 online chairperson website
We even have a handy app that allows for smooth transactions. All the Shoppe needs to run is volunteers and then it's time to have fun. Students enjoy the fun of gift giving for the family. Teachers enjoy introducing store management in a fun way, and the school administration gets to provide this excellent service for their school. With The Lil' Shoppers Shoppe everyone wins! Visit the The Lil' Shoppers Shop to check out the gifts, the 100% satisfaction guarantee, and to signup. 

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