Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Thank a Teacher

The school year is coming to a close, teachers everywhere are preparing for a much-deserved summer break - and the national chapter of the Parent Teacher Association isn’t letting them go without a big, collective thank you.

From May 5-9, communities everywhere are encouraged to honor the challenging work of our educators through Teacher Appreciation Week; here are a few thoughtful, personalized ways to do this.


This is, of course, a timeless and sweet way to thank a teacher, and demonstrates gratitude simply because you took the time to make it! If you’d like to include a little something extra, (like a gift card to a favorite business) check out this template we discovered on Pinterest.


Goody baskets are just a fun, free-spirited way to give a variety of different things to your child’s teacher. Some basket ideas we like? Coffee/tea, candy, gum, candles, books, coffee mugs, a plant...well, it’s totally up to you. Here’s one idea we found pretty charming!


Many households have no shortage of books. If this sounds like you, consider making a donation of books your children may have outgrown to a teacher’s classroom.


The PTA suggests saying thank you by giving a little of your time to experience a day in the life of a teacher. Set a time to volunteer in your child’s classroom - reading books, helping with homework, or just kid wranglin’ before lunch or recess. It’s a gesture that certainly won’t go unappreciated by a busy teacher.

Have an idea you’d like to share? Leave us a comment! Still wondering what you should do for Teacher Appreciation Week? Enter our Facebook short essay contest telling us why you appreciate your teacher, and you will have the chance to win him or her a massage card! Enter here.

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