Monday, December 15, 2014

Kids' Holiday Craft Fun

Capture your children’s excitement this holiday season with a few fun seasonal crafts to be enjoyed for holidays to come. A simple way to preserve the magic of Christmas, these festive kids’ crafts are sure to excite your little ones and create treasured holiday memories for you. Join the Chip Shoppe in celebrating the magic of the season with these easy-to-do crafts for your family!

Scented Christmas Tree Ornaments:
Your little ones love helping you decorate for the holidays. Add a little holiday cheer through sights and smells with these festive cinnamon trees!

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What You’ll Need:
-3” cinnamon sticks
-¾” Canadian pine garland
-Bright colored buttons, plastic gems, beads or pom poms
-Hot glue gun and glue
-Twine cord
-Wire cutters

  1. Using wire cutters, trim pieces of varying lengths from your strand of pine garland to create the greenery for the trees. Place a dab of hot glue on the cinnamon stick and press garland clipping down firmly. Repeat twice more with slightly larger garland trimmings, and allow hot glue to cool.
  2. Fasten a 3” piece of twine to the back of the top of each tree to create a loop for hanging, using a dab of hot glue. Allow glue to cool.
  3. Let the magic happen! Assist your kids as needed in gluing tree decorations to the branches using small dabs of hot glue. The more sparkle and color, the better!

You’re ready to add the little trees to your ornament collection! A fun way to allow each of your children’s personality to shine through, these festive trees will reflect the little hands and big talent that created them.

Holiday Chalkboard Cocoa Mug:
Your guilty pleasure and your kid’s holiday favorite, personalized hot cocoa mugs complement this classic cold weather treat, reusable for any time of the year!

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What You’ll Need:
-Porcelain mugs
-Pebeo porcelain bakeable chalkboard paint (non-porcelain paint will not adhere to mug)
-Painters tape
-Paint brush

  1. Ensure mug is cleaned and completely dry.
  2. Using painters tape, tape off section of mug to be painted for chalkboard affect.
  3. Apply chalkboard paint with paint brush.
  4. Once paint is fully applied, carefully peel up painters tape while paint is still wet; this will prevent the tape from pulling up the paint if allowed to dry.
  5. Allow paint to dry for 24 hours, then bake in oven at 300 degrees for 35 minutes. This sets the paint, and your mug will now be dishwasher and microwave safe.
  6. Decorate mugs with chalk before filling with hot chocolate
You’re now ready to serve holiday inspired cocoa in fun, personalized mugs! May we suggest plenty of marshmallows and for a twist, add a few splashes of Torani raspberry syrup.

Olaf Sock Snowman:
Have you ever met a kid who doesn’t like frozen? Adults and children alike are still raving over the Disney’s hit. This holiday season, channel some of your frosty friends and help your kids create their very own Olaf snowman!


What You’ll Need:
-1 kids size small white sock
-Approximately 1 ⅓ cup rice for filling
-2 white pom poms for feet
-Craft googly eyes
-Orange felt
-Adhesive backed black felt
-3 clear hair elastics
-Hot glue gun and glue
-Printable Olaf features (Click download button on webpage) or free hand stencil Olaf features on black felt using white chalk

  1. Pour roughly ¾ cup rice into sock and fasten with clear hair elastic to create the bottom of Olaf.
  2. Pour about ⅛ cup rice into sock on top of hair elastic, to create the midsection of Olaf. Secure closed with elastic hair tie.
  3. Pour about ½ cup of rice into sock to create Olaf’s head, shaping the rice slightly taller and thinner than the others for the correct head dimensions. Secure with hair elastic.
  4. Secure each ‘snowball’ using hot glue to keep Olaf’s shape; apply hot glue to hair elastic where each meets the sock fabric to ensure Olaf will stay sturdy.
  5. Peel off black felt pieces for Olaf’s smile and glue to his head, and hot glue his nose and eyes on.
  6. Stick on/hot glue black felt arms and glue on white pom pom feet.
  7. Stick/glue Olafs black hair on his head, attaching at the top most hair elastic.

Now, your kids are ready to enjoy their very own Olaf the snowman! Let your little ones add their own Olaf flare with colored felt or ribbons as a scarf.

Holiday crafts are a great way to celebrate the season and spend time with your children. add to your collection each year and create memories of holiday fun. The Chip Shoppe wishes you and your family a very happy holiday season!

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