Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Spring Cleaning tips-How to Get the Kids Involved

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Spring cleaning is a touchy subject that we don’t particularly like to think about, but eventually need to address. Make this year the year you call in reinforcements against those dreaded chores with a gathered team of energetic workers- your kids. After all, you didn’t mess up the house all on your own, so why should you be the only one responsible for cleaning it up? The real question is, how do you possibly get kids to clean? Here are a few ways to get your kids excited about cleaning. 

Don’t Overuse
Children have short attention spans- usually shorter if they are cleaning. Instead of assigning a lot of chores for them to do in a single day, assign them one big chore to do or a few smaller jobs. Giving less work helps guarantee more of a chance that the chore will be done correctly and with attention.

Make Cleaning Fun
You are probably thinking that there is no way that the words 'cleaning' and 'fun' could be in a sentence together without the words 'is not’ in-between them, but it is true! Here are just a couple ideas to help:  
  • Set a timer. Kids love racing, and what better way to have a race than to see who can pick up the most dirty laundry in 30 seconds, or clear all the toys from the floor?
  • Make up challenges- challenge your kids to try and see how many toys they can hold in their arms at one time.
  • Pretend- maybe you and your child are butlers or maids, maybe an evildoer has splattered the room in “radioactive” laundry that needs to be thrown in a special bin to save the bedroom floor and its residents. 

Parent/Child Duo
Imagine getting to work alongside your biggest hero- that’s what it is like for a child to get to do something important with mom or dad. Encouragement and teamwork between you and your child can go a long way. This also can be seen as a great way to teach your children certain cleaning skills and promote a clean lifestyle.

Planning rewards for the kids can benefit not just the children, but also you! Let’s be serious- you didn't happily give up your Saturday off to clean up the house. Schedule a treat with the kids for their hard work- things that you like also- and do something like ordering pizza or renting a movie! 

For added reward fun, try The Chip Shoppe's Toss a Chore Dice. The set of 2 dice has 12 different chore options, including “Set the Table” or “Empty the Trash”. After completing chores, kids can let the Roll a Reward Dice determine their reward. The 12 different rewards include Ice Cream or Free Play Time.

Just because they are called “chores” doesn't mean they need to be undesirable. Recruit your little ones for some added help- and possibly some added fun- next time there are chores to be done!

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