Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

A wise person once said, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, and with it being garage sale season, no quote has ever been more true. Having a garage sale can be beneficial financially just to help make a few bucks, but more importantly can help you to clean all the extra clutter around your home. Hosting your very own garage sale can seem overwhelming, but we have compiled some tips to help you out!
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Plan Ahead
A successful garage sale doesn’t happen overnight! Schedule yours on a day that everyone in the family can fit into their schedules to ensure they can contribute. Also, do a little research before you schedule, because there may be a city-wide garage sale day in your area and that would guarantee the best turnout possible.

Don’t Be Shy With Advertising
People aren’t going to come if they don’t know it’s there! There are so many ways that you could advertise that you’d be silly to not take advantage of it. You could simply have the kids put posters around town or even put signs up for possible customers. Ther are usually a few local garage sale sites on Facebook, or you could use other websites that will let people know when and where your sale is, such as Garage Sale Finder, Craigslist or Yard Sale Search.

Don’t Overprice
Remember that there was a reason that particular item ended up in the yard sale. Don’t price it too high so no one would want to even think about purchasing it from you! A good rule to go by when marking prices is to set the price no more than ⅓ the original price of the object. Also, put yourself in the feet of the customer… Would you rather pay $6 for that t-shirt with a spaghetti stain or a hole in the armpit or 25¢?

Who Doesn’t Like Extra Money? (Optional)
On a hot day, most garage salers tend to get thirsty. Also, the best deals are snagged in the morning, meaning dedicated garage sale goers are out for hours at a time. An easy and fun way to get the children involved is to have them sell food and beverages at the yard sale! It is almost impossible for someone to say no to lemonade and popcorn from a little kid.

Having a garage sale is easy, but have a successful garage sale is no small feat. It requires a little bit of time and effort, but it's worth it when you clean up and sell all that “junk” that cluttered your home!

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