Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summertime Crafts for Creative Kids

Summertime is every kid’s favorite season for fun adventures under the sun, but what can you do when it gets too hot to stay outside? Arts and crafts, naturally. Check out these fun ideas for the best summertime crafts for creative kids.

Girl working on crafts.jpgClassic Crafts
Friendship bracelets, finger paints, and macaroni noodle necklaces are classic kid favorites, but what are some idea that you can take outside? Try this colorful plane idea. All you need are 3 craft sticks (for the wings of the plane), 1 clothespin (for the body of the plane), paint, and glue. Cut 1 craft stick into thirds, and then paint all the craft sticks and clothespin. Once dry, glue one craft stick on top and one on the bottom of the opening of the clothespin. Glue the 1/3 piece onto the top of the back end where you pinch the clothespin. Let dry, and voila! A mobile airplane.
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Nature-Inspired Crafts
Where are the best supplies for crafting in the summer? Outside naturally! Look no further than your backyard and local parks for interesting leaves, flower petals, grass, and more. Encourage your kids to use what they find to make an all-natural sun catcher. Simply take a colorful paper or plastic plate and cut the middle out. Cut a piece of contact paper slightly larger than the piece you cut out and attach it to the plate. Have your little one attach their nature findings. When they are done, tape a ribbon to the top of the plate, hang it on a window, and enjoy!
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art supplies.jpg

Artsy Crafts
Classic and artsy, tie-dying clothes and accessories is an excellent summer project. Take, for instance, this tie-dye T-shirt bag. Grab a T-shirt, spiral it into a bundle, and then tightly wrap rubber bands around the T-shirt. Grab a tie-dye kit to start your project, and follow the instructions. Once dry, turn the shirt inside out, cut the sleeves off the T-shirt, and cut the neckline so it is wider. Sew the bottom of the shirt together, turn it inside out, and there you have it, a summer tie-dye T-shirt bag.
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Edible Crafts
Really, the best crafts are the ones you can eat when you are done. Try this super simple summer skies edible craft: Make blue jello. Once set, spoon it into small serving glasses, alternating between jello and whipped cream. If so inclined, make suns out of yellow and orange construction paper, attach it to a craft stick and place in you summer skies serving glass. You can alternate with orange slices for added edible fun. Easy and delicious.
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Whether you use these ideas or create your own projects, summertime crafting is an excellent way to spend time with your kids.

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