Friday, September 4, 2015

Get Started on Your Next Fundraiser with The Chip Shoppe

Are you trying to get new baseball jerseys for your little league team? Or maybe your child’s school is thinking about building a new library, but don’t quite have the budget… Then it’s time for a fundraiser!

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Since 2004, The Chip Shoppe has helped raise millions of dollars through its fundraising program. Here are some tips to get the most out of your Chip Shoppe fundraiser:

Don’t Procrastinate
It is better to get started early, make a plan, and get involved in your child’s school. Think about the sort of audience you want to sell to; neighbors, friends, co-workers- anyone who would feel good about helping your child or their school reach a goal. Do a little bit of research (if needed) about the sort of things the fundraiser will be accomplishing and explain the benefits to those whom you are asking for support.

Be Committed
Too often, people begin a fundraiser with the best of intentions, only to get sidetracked by... well, life. Successfully running a fundraiser requires dedication and commitment. If you really want new equipment for your hockey team, don’t be shy about asking people if they would be interested in any of the products. You will have many people that are uninterested in buying, but don’t get discouraged or frustrated.Consistency is the key.

Grab the Family Phone Book
Call grandma, call your aunt, even call your uncle who can never pronounce your name right. They will usually always purchase something for a good cause from a family member. The best way to raise money for a child’s school or extracurricular activity is to recruit people who care about him or her- you get bonus points if your child makes a few phone calls or house calls on their own.

With a little bit of planning, hard work, and dedication, running a successful fundraiser and reaching your goals can be simple. At The Chip Shoppe, our goal is to be “The Best in the Midwest” and with our combination of fantastic items mixed in with our dedicated fundraising team, not only will we reach our goal, but you will as well!

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