Thursday, October 22, 2015

What to Bring to Your Thanksgiving Celebration

Everyone’s favorite family and food-oriented holiday is right around the corner. What can you find from The Chip Shoppe to enhance your Thanksgiving celebration this season?

Food and Dessert
Whether you want to contribute straight to the Thanksgiving table or you want to supply the kitchen with easy go-to meals for the rest of the season, there’s an endless selection of meals, treats, and delightful snacks to enjoy. Our soups and stews come in 40 oz. batches that can feed up to six people. Pair those with any addition from our selection of bread bowls, beer bread, cheesy garlic biscuits, breadsticks, and French bread to complete a cozy and hearty autumn dinner.

Our Made in America brochure  and Gourmet Delights brochure have an excellent selection of gourmet meals and savory snacks that will enhance any holiday celebration. A wide selection of ‘Warm and Serve’ dinners and ‘Meals in Minutes’ satisfy families on a budget. Enhance meals and parties with bold and flavorful snack, cheese, and bean dips, as well as unique spices and nuts.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, The Chip Shoppe offers three kinds of caramel corn, cheesecakes, cookies, toffee, pies, and more. Simple food kits make it easy for kids to get involved in cooking and baking.

Don’t forget the bread and butter of The Chip Shoppe: our gourmet cookie dough. Pre-formed and ready in 15 minutes, The Chip Shoppe offers a variety of delicious cookies that come in Oatmeal Raisin, Chippy Chunk, Triple Chocolate Brownie, White Chocolate Chunk Macadamia, Peanut Butter Cup, Candy, Caramel Crunch, Caramel Apple Crunch, and two Mrs. Field's flavors: Chocolate Chip and Vanishing Snickerdoodle.

For all your holiday celebrations, The Chip Shoppe offers decorative items that will enhance both simple dinners or extravagant blow-outs like candles, table runners, wreaths, Christmas countdown calendars and ornaments, elf decorations, and more. There’s a theme and a style for everyone this season.

Check out the selection of classic cake and dessert stands, serving bowls, and decorative trays that you can use year round. Gifts and Gadgets and Winter Wonderland brochures are excellent options for decorations and presents. Speaking of which . . .

Presents for the Host
From small trinkets to fun mugs, our Gifts and Wrap page has an excellent array of choices to gift your host with for Thanksgiving. With scarves, lunch totes, jewelry, wine accessories, and handy kitchen gadgets that will make everyone’s life a little easier, or at least cuter.

Quick dinner kits, simple-to-use mixes, and delicious frozen gourmet dinners make for especially considerate gifts for a host who is especially busy during the holiday season. And who could turn down a big box of chocolates or nuts?

The Chip Shoppe also has an excellent selection of gift wrap, bags, bows, and cards at great values and inexpensive bundle prices. With duo-rolls, ribbon kits, and full gift wrapping sets in every color and design you can think of, you will have no problem delivering your present in style.

From food and desserts to holiday decorations to gifts for your host, start the holiday celebrations right with The Chip Shoppe this season.

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