Wednesday, February 17, 2016

5 Tips on Using Pinterest to Boot Fundraising Efforts


Pinterest has become an excellent resource for recipes, DIY projects, and inspiration for nearly any aspect of your personal life, but it has been an increasingly useful tool for groups to use as a fundraising tool. Pinterest is a free, fun way to boost your fundraiser; read on for some tips on beefing up your next fundraiser with Pinterest:

1.      Let Your Story be Heard. Living in a social media-driven world makes it much easier to raise awareness and to give visibility to your nonprofit or cause. You can use the power of Pinterest to share your group’s story through photos, videos, writings, infographics, blogs, and more. Whether your group has its own Pinterest profile or not, pinners sharing your content will gain exposure for your group.

2.      Everyone is on Pinterest. Pinterest is the third most popular social network in the country in terms of traffic, and is 2-3 times more efficient at retaining users than Twitter was at a similar time in its history. Take advantage of these statistics to reach out to a large audience. Much of the audience of Pinterest consists of women between the ages of 18-49. From mothers of large families to young, tech-savvy millennials, this demographic is keen on consuming new ideas and products.

3.      It’s Business-Savvy. Studies have shown that 69 percent of online consumers who visit Pinterest have found an item they’ve bought or wanted to buy compared to 40 percent of Facebook users. Pinterest features better tools for consumers to keep track of what they wish to purchase and ultimately buy. Your consumers can keep track of new items from catalogues and create wish lists to purchase later on.

4.      Share New Ideas. Pinning images from fundraising brochures and sharing new ideas between friends, family members and people in your community can help you discover new ideas and novel uses for products bought through fundraising. Since Pinterest is very popular with the DIY community and resourceful individuals, having multiple uses for an item can enhance its appeal. This can pique the interest of others and help increase your child’s fundraising sales.

5.      Create an Online Catalogue. Pinterest makes it easy to promote your goods and products. All you have to do is to pin an image of your item, supply a detailed product description, and a price in the box. (Pro tip: When you type a “$” symbol, Pinterest automatically adds a grey banner to the left hand side of the image, and your item will be added to the Gifts tab on the Pinterest home page.)
To get your next fundraising event on Pinterest, check out The Chip Shoppe’s Pinterest page for ideas and inspiration.

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